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The following procedures are followed when an asbestos assessment is done.

A material scorecard is completed on each area that is assessed. The material scorecard consist of the following:


1. Product type (score out of 3)

2. Extend of damage/deterioration (score out of 4)

3. Surface treatment (score out of 3)

4. Asbestos type (score out of 3)

The priority scorecard will determine the final score of the assessment and covers the following:


Normal occupant activity

1. Main type of activity in the area (score out of 3)

Likelihood of disturbance

1. Location (score out of 3)

2. Accessibility (score out of 4)

3. Extent/ amount (score out of 4)

Human exposure potential

1. Number of occupants (score out of 4)

2. Frequency of use of the area (score out of 4)

3. Average time area is in use (score out of 4)

Maintenance activity

1. Type of maintenance activity (score out of 4)

2. Frequency of maintenance (score out of 4)

The total overall score will determine the risk involved with the asbestos in the area and determine the actions.


Material and priority scorecards 

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