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Asbestos encapsulation and painting

Is that possible?

It is with great pleasure that we can say YES.

With the asbestos regulations that don't allow any cleaning of asbestos, the door opened for technology to intervene. AsbestosSafe developed a water-based, environment-friendly coating that can be applied onto the raw or untreated asbestos roof sheets.

Should the debris build-up be high a bacticide can be applied to help nature speed up the debris breakdown in a natural way.  The treatment can be done multiple times to ensure a surface that will last for a long time. Any top coat can be applied once the primer coat is fully cured.


A peel test was done on a treated and untreated surface and the results is seen in the images.




The application?

How difficult is the application of the products?

The application is by brush, roller, or low-pressure spray. The low-pressure spray is recommended for an even smooth surface. The product is water-based and cleaning your equipment is a breeze. 

The product is DIY and can also be applied with a low-pressure regular sprayer that can be bought from any hardware store.

We can assist with the equipment needed to finish the project

backpack spray

What you will need

paint brush


What will it cost me? (material cost)

Price (excl)



Product Name

Bacticide - Kills all debris buildup on the roof

AsbestosSafe - Encapsulation of asbestos

Top coat - various colors available

Coverage (m²)

Cost per m²

5m² per liter

R15.75 per m²

3m² per liter

R35.75 per m²


5m² per liter

R16.00 per m² x  2 coats

All prices exclude transport cost. It can only be determined  when destination is determined

With a total cost of R83 per m² material cost plus the asbestos assessment starting cost of R1250.00 the total cost for a average size home of 200m² = R17850.00

For bigger projects the asbestos assessment costs will change depending the number of asbestos samples. Depending on the conditions the bacticide may not be necessary and will bring even bigger savings.

Place your orders via Whatsapp 066 220 3090 or call us 

Applicators needed in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and other countries.

Want to become a approved applicator? 

Contact us via Whatsapp on 066 220 3090

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