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10 Days to go!!!! Asbestos abatements regulations

Updated: May 1, 2022

All employers or self-employed persons must identify if asbestos is present in the workplace.

With the implementation of the new regulations, the following steps must be taken by the employer or self-employed person to implement these regulations.

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Step 1 - Identify asbestos in the workplace

A competent person must inspect if any asbestos is present. This will consist of a walkthrough through the entire site or workplace and taking samples of possible asbestos-containing material. These samples will be analyzed microscopically to identify the asbestos.

Step 2 - Asbestos inventory

All the identified asbestos must be entered into a register with specific details such as the date of sample, sample number, the area where it was taken, asbestos type, and condition of the asbestos.

This register must be made available for all employees, visitors, and contractors.

Step 3 - Risks associated with the asbestos item

Every item must be assessed to determine the risk of exposure to staff and visitors. The HSG264 international standard is used as a guideline. they combine scores on the material & priority scorecard will the risk rating that will guide the employer on how to handle the identified items.

Step 4 - Asbestos Management plan

The new asbestos abatement regulations require that each employer or self-employed person must have a management plan in place and cover the following in the plan:

  • incidents

  • accidents

  • repairs and removals

  • and longterm planning

What is important, even if you rent the property these aspects must be covered

Penalties & offenses

A fine of up to R500 per day in which these regulations are outstanding or 12 months imprisonment can be issued for failing to comply. The department of labor appointed 900 new inspectors to assist with the implementation of the regulations.

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