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What is an asbestos assessment?

The main aim of an asbestos assessment is to determine if asbestos is present and to determine the risk associated with the condition of the asbestos.

We follow a standard procedure that is in line with the HSG264 standard which consist of a two-part accessement namely material and priority assessments.

The material score covers the normal occupant activity, likelihood of disturbance, human exposure potential and maintenance cctivity.

Who may perform an asbestos assessment?

According to the asbestos abatement regulations, the assessment must be done by a competent person.

A competent person means a person who

(a) has in respect of the work or task to be performed, the required knowledge, training, and experience, and where applicable, qualifications specific to asbestos work or related tasks.

(b) is familiar with the Act and the applicable regulations made under the Act

According to regulation 27 (2), these regulations will come into effect 18 months after the promulgation of these Regulations which in effect will be the end of May 2022.

Asbestos assessment criteria!!

The asbestos assessment is done according to the HSG264 standard which covers the following:

1. Material Scorecard

2. Priority Scorecard

The total of each card will determine the risk involved and what action needs to be taken to prevent asbestos fibers from becoming airborne.

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