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We have partnered with the leading UK based software developers 

With the difficult times, we all are facing it is important to develop practical processes and programs to continue to function as normal but in the same instance making sure that all the rules and regulations is followed.

The purpose of the mobile application?

The main aim of the application is to have a virtual overview of asbestos-containing material at every site that is being used. 

The program covers the scope of the work to be done. This is where the agent will the site description, the scope of the work to be done, and the purpose of the survey.

Other optional information such as the introduction and executive summary can be typed in to give more muscle to the report at the end.

Scope of works

First Step is to add the floor plan

To fully understand the working of the mobile app it will be to the agent's advantage to create a hand-drawn copy of the floor plan and or use the existing evacuation plan which each employer suppose to have. 

This will help with the creation of the digital floor plan that will make the process much easier.

Click on the menu to page through the different screens

Cover Photo


The purpose of the cover page photo is to identify the premises and company. You can either take a new photo or select it.

This is the image that will reflect on the main page of the reports when printed to viewed through the client portal.

The caption normally would be the company name.

The inspection

This is where the building, location, and material are created. First, add the building from the list or create a new building by typing in the building name. Make sure it corresponds with the floor plan. Secondly, add the level if the building consisting of floor levels. Thirdly select the material from the list or add if necessary.

Now you can add photos X2 via the mobile camera or select it on your phone.

Lastly indicate it is a location that will be inspected or an item.

Material scorecard

With the material scorecard, information is gathered about the asbestos itself.

This is where questions must be answered related to asbestos. A value will be added and at the end, the total will determine the risk.

In this section the extent (how much asbestos) was fund in the section of the building.

Priority scorecard

The priority scorecard covers all the relevant information about how long the area is in use, how many persons enter the area.

Select the correct one on each question and the software will do the rest

Sample of asbestos survey

Please note that the mobile app is used to gather information and the reports once signed off by use, will be send to the client. No reports can be displayed or printed from the mobile app.

Download a sample report. Please note that the report is for sample purposes only and all information in the report is private and confidential and may not be used for other purposes.

Criteria for the asbestos survey

Material scorecard

Priority scorecard

Material Scorecard

Priority scorecard

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