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According to the new asbestos abatement regulations, every employer must ensure that all asbestos-containing material is identified in the workplace.

The employer and employee do have responsibilities toward safety at the workplace. That is the reason that the department of labor implemented these regulations. One of the new additions to their regulations is that an asbestos management plan must be in place.

If asbestos-containing material was identified it must be included in an asbestos inventory. Every employee must therefore be notified that asbestos is present and the location of each item identified.

This must be part of all health and safety meetings and everybody must be notified should that inventory have changed.

The asbestos management plan must at least Mike provision for the implementation of regulations 3, 4, 5, 8 and 20

Secondly, the regulations must make provisions for procedures for the repair, removal, and management of these asbestos-containing materials.

It also must make provision for the implementation of the regulations for the prohibition of the use, manufacturing, import, and export of asbestos and asbestos-containing material 2007.

 where is  where is containing material  , where is containing material, have  where is containing material have been identified  Where asbestos containing material have been identified in the  in the inventory  inventory of  inventory of asbestos  inventory of asbestos in  inventory of asbestos in place comma  inventory of asbestos in place comma a specific  inventory of asbestos in place comma a specific procedure  inventory of asbestos in place, a specific procedure which will  which will comma  which will, as  as far as is reasonable  reasonable practical, reduce the risk of exposure of employees, as well as incidental asbestos exposure for the following scenarios:

1. Incidents

2. Emergencies

3. Removal work

4. Repair work

 A policy, procedure  procedure and  implementation plan for  for phasing out  for phasing out the existing asbestos containing material at the workplace which considers the following:

1. The principle of reasonable practicable, and

2. Reasons for the seasons

This management plan must  must be reviewed and, if necessary, revise the asbestos management plan at intervals not exceeding eight years or if any information contemplated in sub regulation 2 changes.

Employers resposibility

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