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Asbestos encapsulation - Is it possible? DIY solution

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

That is an important question. Technology is changing all the time and it's about time that we talk about asbestos encapsulation. Asbestos encapsulation means the prevention of airborne asbestos dust that is harmful to the human body.

With so many asbestos products still in use in various places such as roofs, gutters, side cladding, that are visible from the outside of buildings we must look at cost-effective ways of treating it.

The changes to the asbestos regulations in Nov 2020, that don't allow the preparation of asbestos, alternatives must be identified and we are glad to say that we believe we have the solution.

The Problem

The asbestos surface undergoes various changes as weathering takes place. Lichen and algae build-up form on the surface of the asbestos, which creates the possibility of asbestos exposure. This is a great health concern because asbestos was used in low-cost housing, factories, and government properties.

AsbestosSafe has developed a product that can be applied directly to the lichen and algae and bind to the roof and encapsulate the surface. If the build-up is too heavy a Bacticide BAC50 X (SABS approved), can be applied that will naturally kill the lichen and algae. This process may delay the painting process by 3 weeks but is very effective. The BAC50 X will be applied directly to the build-up and it will kill the lichen and algae. Nature will wash the build-up of the roof and you may start the painting of the roof.

AsbestosSafe, a registered trademark, will then be applied directly onto the roof. This product will encapsulate the asbestos, binding the lichen, algae & asbestos together allowing the topcoat to be applied with a smooth finish. A test was done to determine the bonding to the roof on top of all the build-up. From the images, it is clear that AsbestosSafe bonds to the surface which will ensure a good grip for the topcoats. It is recommended that the product must be applied by low-pressure spray, which you can buy from any local hardware store.

The product can be applied DIY without any guarantees or through registered approved applicators nationwide.

It's easy to apply, water-based, and environment-friendly. The product can be shipped to any part of the country and does have approved applicators in all the leading cities in South Africa.

With the high cost of replacing asbestos, this is a very good option to look at in the long run.

For a free online consultation book a date and time of your choice to talk to an expert.

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