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Free Online Asbestos Awareness Webinar 29 th November 2023

The decision to attend a free online asbestos webinar would depend on the content and objectives of the webinar. However, based on the topic of asbestos, the following groups of people might benefit from attending:

1. Homeowners and Tenants: Especially those living in older homes, as asbestos was commonly used in construction materials before the 1980s.

2. Real Estate Professionals: To understand the implications of asbestos in properties they might be selling or managing.

3. Construction Workers and Contractors: Those who might come into contact with asbestos during renovations or demolitions.

4. Health Professionals: Especially those in occupational health, to understand the health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

5. Environmental Consultants: Professionals who assess environmental hazards, including asbestos.

6. Safety and Compliance Officers: To ensure that workplaces are safe and adhere to regulations concerning asbestos.

7. Legal Professionals: Especially those who deal with asbestos-related litigation.

8. Students and Researchers: Those studying environmental science, public health, or related fields.

9. Government Officials: Especially those in departments related to housing, environment, and public health.

10. General Public: Anyone interested in learning more about the risks of asbestos and how to protect themselves.

11. Employers: If you employ anybody you should attend

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