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Regulation 13

Duties of approved asbestos inspection authority for asbestos work

An approved inspection authority involved in type 2 or type 3 asbestos work must—

    (a) ensure that the appropriately registered asbestos contractor performs only type 2 or type 3 asbestos             work, as the case may be;

    (b) obtain a copy of an up-to-date inventory of asbestos in place from the asbestos client prior to                            asbestos work taking place;

    (c) in consultation with the registered asbestos contractor, compile a plan of work in accordance with                   regulation 15;

    (d) approve and submit the plan of work at least seven days prior to commencement of asbestos work to           the Chief Director: Provincial Operations for acknowledgement;

    (e) receive acknowledgement from the Chief Director: Provincial Operations within the seven-day period;         (f) confirm the employee medical certificate of fitness and asbestos training records for that asbestos                 work;

     (g) provide guidance and site-specific instructions to the registered asbestos contractor on the approved              plan of work;

     (h) inspect adherence to the approved plan of work and requirements of these Regulations;

     (i) stop any registered asbestos contractor from executing any asbestos work which poses a health or                 safety risk to persons until such time that the risk has been appropriately mitigated;

      (j) perform planned asbestos air monitoring in accordance with regulation 16 and provide, as soon as is              reasonably practicable, air monitoring results to the registered asbestos contractor and asbestos                      client;

      (k) issue a written report, which includes findings and, where necessary, recommendations; and (l)                         ensure that, upon completion of type 2 or type 3 asbestos work, clearance is performed as required               in regulation 22.

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