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Regulation 15

Plan of works

(1) A written approved plan of work, as contemplated in regulation 12(3), must include at              least the following:

      (a) Name, contact details and responsibilities of the registered asbestos contractor,                        approved inspection authority, asbestos waste transporter, asbestos waste disposal                  site and asbestos client, where applicable;

      (b) name and contact details of the asbestos removal supervisor for the asbestos work                 site;

      (c) details of the asbestos to be removed, including the location, type, estimated quantity             and condition of the asbestos;

      (d) a list of employees' names and identification  numbers with verification of valid                         asbestos training and medical surveillance records for the asbestos work site;

      (e) expected commencement and completion dates;

      (f) air monitoring method used, and frequency of air monitoring, in accordance with                      regulation 16;

      (g) details of how the asbestos removal work will take place, including methods of                           removal, tools and equipment, and the appropriate personal protective equipment to               be used;

     (h) details relating to the requirements of decontamination facilities and decontamination            procedures; 25

     (i) details of demarcation, labelling and signage requirements for regulated                                     asbestos areas, asbestos waste and temporary on-site storage areas;

     (j) procedure for decontamination of the work area, tools and equipment;

     (k) emergency procedures in the event of uncontrolled asbestos release;

     (l) method for disposal of asbestos waste; (m) detail of asbestos clearance certification;               and

    (n) specific relevant prohibitions.


(2) The approved plan of work, as contemplated in regulation 12(3), must contain the                      signatures of—

     (a) the asbestos client accepting the duties as contemplated in regulation 11(2) and (3);

     (b) the registered asbestos contractor accepting the duties as contemplated in regulation              12; and

     (c) the approved inspection authority for asbestos accepting the duties as contemplated              in regulation 13

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