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Regulation 16

Air monitoring

(1) In the case of type 2 and type 3 asbestos work, an asbestos client must ensure that air monitoring of the                   concentration of airborne regulated fibres to which an employee may be exposed, is—

     (a) performed by an approved inspection authority;

     (b) carried out in terms of HSG 248;

     (c) representative of employee exposure; and

     (d) carried out at a frequency determined by the approved inspection authority based on the site-specific                        asbestos risk assessment.


(2) The results of air monitoring obtained must be compared with the OEL or the OEL short-term exposure limit to         ensure that no employee is exposed to asbestos in excess of the prescribed OELs.


(3) Environmental air monitoring must be performed by an approved inspection authority during type 2 and type 3        asbestos work.


(4) Air monitoring referred to in subregulations (1) and (3) must be carried out only after the relevant health and            safety representative or relevant health and safety committee has been consulted and given a reasonable                  opportunity, as mutually agreed, to comment thereon

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