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Regulation 20

Labelling and signage


(1) All asbestos in place listed in the inventory of asbestos in place, as required by regulation 4, must be clearly          and legibly identified using the pictogram specified in Annexure 1.


(2) All asbestos waste must be clearly labelled—

      (a) using the label specified in Annexure 1;

      (b) as far as is reasonably practicable, using clearly visible and a sufficient number of labels that would                       adequately serve as a warning of potential exposure; and

      (c) ensuring that a container or vehicle in which asbestos is transported is clearly identified in accordance                   with the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods or UN Orange Book.


(2) Any asbestos-contaminated soil or land contaminated with asbestos waste must be clearly demarcated and        signposted using the asbestos warning signage specified in Annexure 1.


(3) Any regulated asbestos area must be clearly demarcated using the pictograms and signs specified in                      Annexure 1.

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