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Regulation 21


An employer or self-employed person must, as far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that—

       (a) all asbestos waste is placed in containers that will prevent exposure during handling;

       (b) the premises, structure or area are thoroughly checked to ensure that all asbestos waste intended for              disposal has been removed;

       (c) all vehicles, reusable containers or any other similar articles, which have been in contact with asbestos             waste, are cleaned and decontaminated after use in such a way that such vehicles, containers or                         similar articles do not cause a hazard inside or outside the workplace concerned;

      (d) a document is obtained from the asbestos disposal site, contemplated in subregulation

      (e), for all asbestos waste removed from the workplace; all asbestos waste is disposed of only on sites                      specifically designated for this purpose in terms of the Environment Conservation Act, 1989, and the                  National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008;

      (e) all persons involved in the collection, transport and disposal of asbestos waste, who may be exposed                 to  that waste, are provided with suitable personal protective equipment;

      (f) the drivers of vehicles carrying asbestos waste are provided with written instructions on safety                             precautions and emergency procedures; and

      (g) where the services of a contractor for the transport and disposal of asbestos waste are used, the                         contractor complies with the provisions of these Regulations.

Disposal of asbestos

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