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Regulation 23


 An employer must—

(a) keep records of all inventories of asbestos in place, asbestos risk assessments, air monitoring results,                 medical surveillance reports, disposal certificates and clearance certificates as required by regulations 4, 5,         16, 17, 21(d) and 22(d), respectively: Provided that personal medical records may be made available to only        an occupational health practitioner;

(b) subject to subregulation (c), make the records contemplated in subregulation (a), excluding personal                    medical records, available for inspection by an inspector;

(c) allow any person, subject to formal written consent by an employee, to peruse the records with respect to         that particular employee;

(d) make the records of all assessments, surveys and air monitoring results, and the asbestos inventory,                    available for perusal by the relevant health and safety representative or relevant  health and safety                      committee;

(e) keep all records contemplated in subregulation (a) for a minimum period of 50 years;

(f) hand over or forward by registered post all records contemplated in subregulation (a) to the relevant Chief         Director: Provincial Operations, if the employer ceases activities relating to asbestos work;

(g) keep a record of training given to an employee in terms of regulation 7 for as long as the employee remains        employed at the workplace where the employee is potentially exposed to asbestos.

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