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Regulation 3 

Identification of asbestos in place

An employer or self-employed person must, as far as is reasonably practicable—

(a) ensure that all asbestos-containing materials at the workplace are identified by a competent person;

(b) if it is uncertain whether the suspected material contains asbestos, either deem the material to be asbestos-containing        material or arrange for a sample of that material to be analyzed for the presence of asbestos by a laboratory                          competent to carry out such analyses;

(c) if part of the workplace is inaccessible and considered by a competent person as likely to contain asbestos, assume that       asbestos is present in that area;

(d) if no asbestos is identified as per sub-regulations (a), (b), and (c), ensure that the asbestos-free status of the workplace          is substantiated in writing by a competent person: Provided that sub-regulation (d) does not apply to an employer who        occupies or uses a structure as defined in the Construction Regulations, 2003, published as Government Notice R.1010        in Gazette No. 25207 of 18 July 2003, where construction commenced at least three years after the promulgation of the        Regulations for the Prohibition of the Use, Manufacturing, Import and Export of Asbestos and Asbestos-containing                Materials, 2007, published as 8 Government Notice R.341 in Gazette No. 30904 of 28 March 2008, under section 24B of        the Environment Conservation Act, 1989 (Act No. 73 of 1989).

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