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Regulation 6

Asbestos management plan

(1) If asbestos-containing materials are identified, as required in regulation 3, the employer or self-employed person must        ensure that a written asbestos management plan for the workplace is prepared by a competent person.


(2) The asbestos management plan must include at least the following:

      (a) A procedure that contains at least measures related to—

           (i) the implementation of regulations 3, 4, 5, 8 and 20 at the workplace;

           (ii) the repair, removal and management of asbestos-containing materials; and

           (iii) the implementation of the Regulations for Prohibition of the Use, Manufacturing, Import and Export of Asbestos                   and Asbestos-containing Materials, 2007;

     (b) where asbestos-containing materials have been identified in the inventory of asbestos in place, a specific procedure            which will, as far as is reasonably practicable, reduce the risk of exposure of employees, as well as incidental                          asbestos exposure, for the following scenarios-

           (i) Incidents;

           (ii) emergencies;

           (iii) removal work; and (iv) repair work; and

    (c) a policy, procedure and implementation plan for phasing out existing asbestos-containing materials at the                               workplace, which considers the following:

           (i) The principle of 'reasonably practicable'; and

           (ii) reasons for decisions.


(3) The employer or self-employed person must review and, if necessary, revise the asbestos management plan at                      intervals not exceeding eight years or if any information contemplated in subregulation (2) changes.

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