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DIY Asbestos Identification Program

With the difficult financial times, we are facing we all need to think out of the box. We have developed a program with the main focus on cost and awareness of asbestos.

The program testing kit will be purchased online and shipped to you within 3-5 working days. Once the package tracking number is loaded into the program the purchaser will receive an SMS & email with a link to download the applications for the program. Once download the purchaser will upload a floor plan (evacuation plan or hand drawing) of the premises in question.

We will load all the rooms/buildings onto the mobile app that will allow the you to complete the assessment. In the app you will have to answer questions and make selection to determine the risk and to take pictures of the room or building. Each room inside each building will be loaded.

We will then schedule a online meeting to ensure that all information is correct to complete the reports. The report will include the risk assessment, inventory and a detailed overview of each room with recommendations on the way forward.

The second report will be the asbestos management plan that is required.

The asbestos assessment need to be revised at a maximum interval of 24 months or renovation or alterations is done. The inventory must be adjusted accordingly. The second assessment must be a onsite visit by a representative of Asbestos Consulting.

Included in the asbestos testing kit there will be the necessary PPE, Ziploc bags, return envelope and know how to take sample. You will take the samples and place them in the bags and mark them and send it back to us. We will identify if asbestos is present and adjust the program accordingly.

When this process is complete a link will be send to download the reports.

For more detail contact us on Whatsapp 079 551 4498 or via email or call us on 066 220 3090

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