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Painting your asbestos roof

With the regulations that were changed in Nov 2020, no cleaning of the roof is permitted anymore. Now you may ask the question - What now?

First of all, when looking at the regulations, all asbestos must be identified, minuted in a register and the risks must be determined on the conditions of the asbestos roof sheets. There are 3 types of asbestos in the new asbestos regulations, 1, 2 & 3. Type one allows any person to paint asbestos roofs without the preparation but 7 days' notice must be given to the Department of Labour.

How do you paint an asbestos roof without preparing it? AsbestosSafe developed a primer that can be applied directly onto the asbestos that will encapsulate the asbestos to bind the lichen and algae to the roof sheets. This product is water-based and environmentally friendly. This primer coat is SABS tested and approved.

Should the debris build-up be heavy a product BAC50 x can be applied to minimize the kill of the lichen and algae before applying the primer coat? Once the primer coat is dry the final topcoat, which is available in various colors can be applied.

7 years guarantee if applied by an approved applicator.

For more detail contact us on 066 220 3090 or send us a Whatapp.

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